Vitamin C Benefits

Vitamin C is perhaps one of the most important nutrients on the planet. Studies are constantly proving how useful and beneficial Vitamin C really is. The recommended dosage of Vitamin C is really only about 75 to 90 milligrams, unlike what most people believe. This is because your body can only use around 80 milligrams at a time and the human body does not store Vitamin C. Although, interestingly enough, animals bodies can produce their own Vitamin C.

Wherever you look, you can easily find foods high in Vitamin C. Fruits are the main supplier of this important nutrient, especially citrus. A majority of the time, vegetables rank second for levels of Vitamin C. As more time goes by, it is even more documented that Vitamin C is excellent for maintaining your immune system, as well as preventing cardio-vascular disease, pre-natal disorders, and improving overall eye and skin health.

Additional Benefits of Vitamin C:

It enables your body to heal wounds faster.

It is vital for bone, fat, and muscle health, while promoting tissue strength.

In-taking Vitamin C prevents you from obtaining nutrient deficient related conditions, like scurvy.

It is effective for dealing with high levels of cholesterol, asthma, diabetes, and numerous allergies.

Currently, the day by day recommended amount of Vitamin C is about 500 milligrams a day. Obviously seeing your body can only use around 80 milligrams at a time, you should eat foods high in Vitamin C throughout your day. The safer upper limit of Vitamin C on a daily basis is a little over 2,000 milligrams but you would probably need to take a supplement to get to this level. Consuming high amounts of Vitamin C isn’t a big deal because if you are in excess, your body will just flush out what it can’t use.

So if you don’t do so already, eat fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the day so that your body can be in a peak level of health.