The Scientific Sensation: Ginger VS Nausea

The Scientific Sensation: Ginger VS Nausea

Beloved wholeheartedly by millions of chefs and less sophisticated eaters for its amazing sharp taste and a very distinctive flavor that one can hardly forget without putting some effort. Ginger is a cornerstone of many exotic cuisines and has made its way to staples amongst tables in all parts of culinary world. However, there might be more interesting effective ways to use this root. It has many amazing properties and possible medical applications.

Ginger comes in all shapes and you can purchase it as a very fine powder, a fresh aromatizing root or an intense dried form. The chemical contents of this plant pack enormous amounts of micronutrients and useful components that positively affect our CNS, digesting system, and may help against nausea.

Is that actually true?

Some people may not believe that one of the most effective ways to get rid of nausea is actually just a root that can be purchased in your local supermarket for a couple of cents. However, the National Institutes of Health conducted a series of researches in 2005 to uncover some of the most important properties of ginger which has been one of the staples in Oriental medicine for a very long time.

A particular study involved nearly 700 patients and tested the effectiveness of the root against placebo and the result was surprisingly telling with the success rate and overall effect being close to that of vitamin B6. In the following year, a group of several independent researches decided to check the same properties of Ginger using data of a similar experiment involving over 350 people. The results were also quite interesting with many patients reporting improvements especially after surgery. One of the most recent studies was conducted in 2012 and involved patients on chemo. It was noted that the root helps in cases of nausea triggered by chemotherapy.

After so many serious studies, rejecting the idea of ginger helping to treat nausea is hard. Multiple researches point at the opposite direction and state that ginger can be a good substitute for some drugs that help against nausea and vomiting. This can be a lifesave for patients who cannot use prescription drugs due to some reasons. Allergies for specific components of drugs may prevent people from using them and thus make nausea a very bothersome symptom. The effectiveness of ginger can be observed within very short time frames. In less than 24 hours, the vast majority of patients reported minor improvements to their conditions.

Start using ginger

One of the best things about this natural medicine is its availability in a multitude of forms. You can also use it many way and simply add it to food. You can get yourself enough of the root in a form of bottled extract, various supplements, tea mixes, and many other. Some people prefer to consume it in a form of beer or ale though this may not be the best idea for people who actually struggle with nausea and vomiting.

Ginger is a safe plant that can be used by the overwhelming majority of people without restraints. Nonetheless, the root may cause allergy in some patients and should be used with care due to natural sensitivity of some people for spicy and strong flavors. At the same time, specialists recommend people to use drugs very carefully as it may interfere with other prescription drugs to some degree. For example, ginger may act a minor vasodilator and drop the blood pressure level. This can be dangerous when paired with drugs against angina, arterial hypertension, and other problems related to heart and the blood vessel system.

Ginger root is an amazing part of the world culture and it has so many different possible applications. Don’t be afraid to implement it in your life.