How to Prevent Cancer

How to prevent cancer and how to prevent diabetes – Are many diseases resulting from lifestyle choices?

Today, disease is rampant and it seems as time goes by, a much higher percentage of people are being diagnosed with despicable diseases such as cancer and diabetes. While there are not surefire ways to always avoid developing diseases, you can definitely improve your odds. People should not expect to stay healthy when they are subjecting themselves to a tainted, parasitic environment on a daily basis. This parasitic environment involves everything from the light bulbs you use, to the television you own, and to the food you eat.

The two prime reasons for the growth and thriving nature of the parasitic environment we live in now, are technology and greed. Technology is a double edged sword and honestly has a very negative impact on all of our lives if we allow it to. Cell phones, televisions (that use mercury and other harmful elements), fluorescent light bulbs (contains mercury), and vaccines are just the tip of the iceberg for technological marvels that have a negative effect on our lives.

Greed is closely intertwined with technology in this train of thought. Large corporations are dedicated to developing their product as cheap as possible, no matter what the cost, so they can make a larger profit. For example: the use of genetically modified organisms (GMO) to create cheap, large batches of crops and inhumane slaughterhouses, whose primary goal is to process as many chickens, pigs, and cows as fast as possible, no matter what the cost. The two previously mentioned examples are being used worldwide and are extremely dangerous to your health. Those who are uninformed or simply choose to ignore the facts are much more inclined to developing life threatening diseases.

Knowledge is power and knowing about the ingredients and technologies that are linked to diseases such as cancer is vital in maintaining your health. First, we will take a look at the harmful ingredients people consume on a daily basis.

How to Prevent Cancer – Dangerous Ingredients to Avoid

Consuming these items on a very low scale is not too dangerous. The problem is, is that a majority of people consume these ingredients in enormous quantities on a daily basis.

Aspartame – Is the world’s most popular artificial sweetener and has been linked to brain seizures and tumors. Aspartame is in tons of products, everything from chewing gum to diet sodas.

GMO – Genetically engineered foods can range from GMO corn, which has been scientifically linked with organ failure and sterility in mice, all the way to genetically modified super salmon. It is becoming extremely popular for use by large corporations to save money.

HFCS – High fructose corn syrup is used as a sweetener that is derived from corn syrups. It is thousands of products and is catastrophic for overall health. It causes obesity, elevated blood pressure and tri-glycerides, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and gout.

MSG – Mono-sodium Glutamate is a neuro-toxin that produces an excited brain reaction (exito-toxin) that causes swelling and creates an addictive like reaction. MSG is used in a large array of foods such as; chips (Doritos and Pringles), chinese food, boxed foods (Hamburger Helper) and the list goes on.

Sodium Fluoride – 66% percent of cities in the United States fluoridate their tap water. Sodium fluoride was used by the Nazis in Fascist Germany to keep their prisoners more docile and subservient. The use of sodium fluoride has been linked to infertility, multiple cancers, thyroid problems, and brain tumors. One of the most popular products that sodium fluoride is used in is toothpaste. Next time you are in your bathroom, check your toothpaste label for the poison warning.

How to Prevent Cancer – Dangerous Technologies to Avoid

Cell phones – They use a 2.4 ghz signal similar to microwaves. Cell phones have been proven to cause brain tumors in lab animals. If you can’t eliminate the use of a cell phone, then at least limit the amount of time you use it. Also, you can purchase an air-tube headset or use speaker-phone more often.

Microwaves – While they are much safer now than they were in the 70′s, they still alter the composition of your food and exposes you to lower levels of radiation.

Fluorescent Light Bulbs – The older long fluorescent light bulbs and the new supposed eco-friendly spiral bulbs emit vapors with traces of mercury and other dangerous

Healing Foods – Food is your bodies greatest ally. If given proper nutrition, your body can heal itself. A raw food diet is excellent for cleansing and healing the body. Vegetables that are cooked, lose much of the nutrients and enzymes that make it beneficial for your body. Juicing fruits and vegetables is an excellent way to get all of the amazing properties of the foods and allows your body to digest it more easily.

Healing Fruits – Most of the healing fruits have boatloads of anti-oxidants which are very important for how to prevent cancer and other diseases.




















Healing Vegetables

Additional Health Beneficial Nutrients & Items

B17 – This is a B vitamin that most people are not aware of. B-17 can be found in many different types of fruit seeds, such as peaches. B-17 contains a small amount of natural arsenic that attacks and destroys cancer cells without harmful side effects.

Co Q 10 – This is vital for human life. Cells need Co Q 10 to function and is in many different types of food. High amounts can be found in fish, beef, vegetables, and grains. Typically the older you get the lower amount of Co Q 10 levels your body has. Patients with chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer have very low levels. To increase the amount your body gets, you can purchase Co Q 10 capsules at your local health store.

Let me ask all of you currently reading a question. Do you see animals that are living out their lives naturally develop cancer or other similar diseases? The answer is simply, no! Why is that? It is because they are living their lives the way nature intended. It is fact that a majority of disease in people is because they are receiving an inadequate supply of nutrients their body needs or an overage in toxic chemicals. I know many people whose diet solely consists of fast food, processed frozen meals, and soda, with very little fruits and vegetables, if at any all. All sane people should avoid such lifestyles and eat all natural foods as much as possible. You can get organic foods from most grocery stores today. Although, if your grocery store is late to the organic food craze, perhaps you should check with local farmers and produce stands.