Herbs Used for Medicinal Purposes

Natural herbs produce some of the best healing agents in the world. As we go along this article, let us discuss further on the different herbs used for medicinal purposes.

Several herbs give treatment to addictions by assisting the entire body and mind system. The essential oils from organic aromatherapy are used to ease stress, create right mood for romance, and lift depression. It is also used to repair damaged or dry skin, and fight infections. Herbal treatments are used for treating diabetes and high blood sugar. Some herbs are said to be anti-bacterial, soothe pains and aches, quiet coughs, decrease fevers, and ease breathing.

Some people used herbs to achieve healthy weight. Herbs are also useful for natural weight loss, weight gain, low energy, as herbal appetite depressants, and food cravings. Some traditional herbs are used by women to enhance the food, decrease cramping and pain, decrease water retention, and control the hormones. Women also used herbs to treat menstrual problems such as excessive bleeding, yeast infections, skipped periods, PMS, and heaving bleeding.

Below is a list of medicinal herbs that are used by many people as part of their routine life:

Neem – treats different kinds of skin problems such as dandruff, psoriasis, eczema, warts, and scabies. It contains Gedunin and Nimbidol, which are good fungicidal properties.

Tumeric (Haldi) – a popular medicinal herb remedy for accident recovery, injuries, boils, and infections.

Basic (Tulsi) – is known as a sublime and purest herb. It kills bacteria and has blood purifier properties that are effective in treating skin disorders. It also gives relief to inflamed throat conditions.

Sandalwood (Chandan) – a unique Indian herb with unusual fragrance. Its bark is made as smooth sandal paste, which gives skin the lustrous, unblemished, and smooth look.

Chinese herbal medicine – consists of special energizing herbs that prolong life, enhance energy, and increase resistance to disease. The most popular of these herbs are ginseng and Astragalus.

Aconite – comes in form of liniment and tincture, which are used for general purposes. Its preparations are used for external application only (since it is very poisonous) to treat rheumatism, neuralgia, and lumbago.

Angelica – a popular flavoring for liqueurs and confectionery. It is used to fight gastric ulcers, anorexia, migraines, and digestive problems.

Boneset – prevents symptoms that come with influenza, provide relief from pains and aches, and helps in handling fever. Its mild laxative aids in reducing constipation and clearing body wastes.

Clove – helps smoothen and relax the muscle lining of the digestive tract. It kills intestinal parasites and acts as anti-microbial agent against bacteria and fungi.

Dandelion – rich source of minerals and vitamins. Its leaves are used in teas and salads while its roots are used as coffee substitute. This herb can treat joint, gallbladder, kidney, and liver problems.

The main functions of herbs with medicinal purposes are to eliminate, detoxify, manage and maintain health, and build health. These herbs are used a laxatives, blood purifiers, and diuretics. These are used to stimulate the self-healing powers of the body. These are also used to nourish the tissues and food, and tone the organs.