Green Juicing Benefits – Learn How to Add Juicing to Your Diet

Green juicing is the process of breaking down green vegetables with a juicer into a nice green smoothie. While this isn’t a whole meal, unless you are on a detox diet plan, it is excellent to incorporate into your diet. Drinking this green juice concoction will get you all of the nutrients you need, all of the greens for your body in one serving and is a great way to lose weight.

Great Vegetables to Use With A Juicer:

Bok Choy








While there are many reasons you should consider green juicing as a part of your balanced diet, let’s stick to the prime three.

1. The process of breaking your vegetables down into liquid form is very helpful for your body. Your digestive system has a much easier time and all of the veggies nutritional value is absorbed by your body. This is so much better than the nutrients being wasted and literally going down the drain.

2. When you juice your vegetables, it allows you to consume a high level of veggies without chomping for a year. You can just easily drink the juice and voila, you’re done. Most dieticians recommend eating at least one to two lbs. of veggies a day and without a juicer, this can become quite a lengthy and difficult process.

3. Juicing allows you to easily insert new vegetables into your diet, which is recommended. If you prepare and eat the same veggies every week, then your body can become prone to different allergies.

As you can see, green juicing can be not only tasty but a perfect way to stay in excellent shape. If you have any questions or comments, don’t be shy. Go ahead and leave a comment below and remember – Be Healthy, Live Happy.