Everything You Need to Know about Aloe Juice

Everything You Need to Know about Aloe Juice

If to cut aloe leaves, you will see aqueous liquid that has a bitter taste. Exactly this natural liquid is aloe juice that is often used when manufacturing medications. It is also one of the most popular folk methods of treating the face skin.

Many people believe that aloe juice is a natural remedy for different health conditions, such as:

• diabetes;
• high blood cholesterol;
• constipation;
• heartache;
• inflammation.

Besides, there is a suggestion that aloe extract can improve the immune system, improve the condition of hair and skin, soothe some pain and help get through detox.

Is Aloe Juice Really Useful for Health?

Unfortunately, there have been not so many studies supporting the use of this natural substance for health purposes. Despite this, there is evidence that aloe juice can build up the immune system.

During one experiments it was revealed that aloe substance contains specific components increasing the activity of nuclear factor kappa B (that controls the expression of genes of immune response, apoptosis and cell cycle). This compound is aloerid classified as polysaccharide.

However, the studies indicating that drinking aloe juice can help stimulate the immune system were just preliminary and now there is a lack of clinical researches proving the beneficial effect of this natural substance.

Gel vs. Juice

Aloe gel is often confused with aloe juice. Gel applied topically is primarily used to treat psoriasis, sun burns and other skin inflammations and conditions.

If having aloe gel as an additive, it helps fight off constipation, normalizes blood sugar level in patients suffering from diabetes, reduces the cholesterol level and helps treat symptoms of ulcerative colitis.


Such components contained in aloe plant, as aloe latex, aloin and emodin, belong to the group of anthraquinones that are strong laxative agents. They can produce a toxic effect so medical specialists avoid using aloe juice containing anthraquinones.

In addition, aloe juice can reduce the blood sugar level and cause some problems with the gastro-intestinal tract, for example, abdominal spasms and diarrhea.

Where to Buy Aloe Juice

The simplest “places” where you can find aloe juice are online stores. You also can buy this natural substance in shops selling natural products and food additives.

When you buy aloe juice, do not purchase products containing aloin, aloe latex and emoin. Besides, do not use gel taken directly from aloe plant at home, as it can contain aloe latex too. Consume only gel and juice preparations developed exactly for internal use.

Of course, it is always necessary to consult the doctor before using aloe juice instead of standard medicines treating some chronic conditions, as it may cause serious health problems.