How To Eat Healthy – Balanced Diet

Many people who come to me for health advice, ask how to eat healthy. Developing healthy eating habits is a must if you wish to live a longer and more energetic life. Good health is just a matter of making changes to your regular eating habits, as well as maintaining a positive attitude and outlook on life.

The only things you will need are :

A kitchen to cook your food.

A lot of water. (Well water, distilled, or reverse osmosis)

First of all, it is important that you cook and prepare your own meals as much as possible. This will allow you to avoid processed foods that are high in sodium, fat and toxins, which are normally found at fast food joints and other restaurants. If needed, you can purchase organic cookbooks or refer to the organic recipes section here.

Next, make a shopping list based on meals you have planned for that week. When you can, try to avoid supermarket fruits and vegetables and visit a local produce stand, farmer’s market, or an organic food store. These markets have a much lower chance of having tons of pesticides sprayed on their produce and are mostly non-gmo. Now, you will want to go wherever you shop for your whole grains and lean meats, provided you are not on a restrictive diet, like the raw food diet.

The next step is of extreme importance, read all of your nutritional and ingredient labels. Be sure to avoid foods high in saturated fats, transient fats, sodium, and sugars. Also knitpick through the ingredients list and put back any products on the shelves that contain: MSG, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, sucralose, artificial dyes, artificial flavoring and so on. You will also want to avoid purchasing white sugar, white flour, white bread, and even white eggs; along with processed foods, like canned tuna, cold cuts, and frozen meals.

Step four is perhaps one of the most important listed, eat a solid breakfast everyday. Make it your goal to eat your breakfast within the first hour of starting your day. This not only boosts your metabolism, it also will positively affect the rest of your day.

You will want to make sure you eat smaller meals, more often. Aim for small meals every three to four hours, with 2 healthy snacks in between. Doing so will keep your metabolic rate higher and your body burning more calories throughout the day.

Drink plentiful amounts of water a day, eight – eight ounce glasses of water is recommended. Be positive that your water is safe for you. Don’t drink tap water unless you are using a well system. If you have city water, I’d recommend that you either purchase a reverse osmosis water filter or buy distilled / reverse osmosis treated water at the store. This will allow you to avoid drinking sodium fluoride, which is a heavy toxin that can cause cancer and lower IQ points. Overall, I’d recommend Culligan water, seeing that they implement reverse osmosis filtration in their drinking water and are switching their plastic water jugs to BPA (bisyphenol A) free jugs.

Feel the apparent changes in your body after switching to this healthier eating plan. Not only will you feel more energetic throughout your day, you will be a happier person.