Causes of Autism

Up to the current time, the main causes of autism are not yet discovered by experts. However, as a neurodevelopment disorder, autism is considered to have been caused by environmental and genetic factors. Here is an article that will give you the information about the causes of autism along with its viable symptoms.

Autism is one of the most common states of ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder. It covers different developmental disabilities such as PDD or Pervasive Developmental Disorder and Aspeger’s syndrome. Normally in children, autism symptoms are observed prior to the age of three. Compared to girls, boys have higher risks of autism. Since the exact cause of autism is still unknown, medical experts asserted that autism might have caused from factors of environmental, neural developmental, cognitive, and genetic.

Such factors when combined can greatly affect the person’s brain, thus resulting to numerous behaviors and characteristics. It is not only one gene that may have causes autism but also several genes may be the causes whether directly or indirectly. Some of genes of an individual may increase the sensitivity to the disease but some genes may greatly affect the neural development of the person. Although genetic factors are considered as one of the possible major causes of autism, gene mutation is still not detected as a cause in parental genome.

Some medical experts claimed the opinion that autism may have caused from the differences in brain chemicals or neurotransmitters. They do not believe that an individual’s social circumstances or upbringing have something to do with the progress of autism. They also do not believe that environmental factors such as drugs, heavy metals, pesticides, prenatal stress, immune system, certain food habits, and other diseases may aggravate autism. Another major controversy on the cause of autism is the relation between childhood vaccines and autism since some vaccines may contain traces of mercury. However, according to clinical studies, the relation is not proven accurate.

As the causes of main causes of autism are still continuously studied by experts today, they also continuously study the viable symptoms and treatments of autism from babies to adults. The symptoms and treatments may vary from one person to another. All symptoms of autism involve three behavioral characteristics, the repetitive behavior, communication, and social interaction. However, the lack of social interest is the main feature of these symptoms. Autistic people commonly avoid eye contact when talking with other people, and usually they are unresponsive. They remained focused on single object or activity for prolonged hours. They are unable to communicate with other people.

They coddled themselves in self-abusive behavior. Lastly, they may suffer sensory sensitivity. Autistic people prefer to be sheltered from others since they suffer difficulties in understanding the thoughts of others. When it comes to severity, the symptoms of autism may vary from mild to disability. Majority of the autism symptoms or cases are usually noticed in children under the age of 18 months or 24 months. Once a child does not exhibit any signs of gesturing or babbling in a year, parents must have the child examined by experts immediately. Any delay in diagnosis may worsen the symptoms of autism.